Don’t Take Our Word for It!


Here is what satisfied clients of the Los Altos Dispute Resolution Services have to say about their experiences:


“I don’t know how I would have been able to get this taken care of without the help of the Los Altos Dispute Resolution Service Mediators. THANK YOU!”

“I was extremely pleased with the resolution of the dispute, which I felt was very fair for both sides and was done in the timeliest manner possible.”

“Thank you for your neutrality and concern. Excellent mediators!”

“We were devastated when we found ourselves suddenly involved in a property line dispute with our longstanding neighbors and friends. The mediation brought deeper understanding of the how and why and when we finally passed that point, we were able to brainstorm solutions and find a solution that worked for all of us.”

“Thanks so much for your insights, clarity, and making us feel comfortable.”

“I felt trapped by the owner of the house, in which I rent a room. Rules seemed to change from day to day and I was no longer allowed to use the kitchen or switch on the heater. I am very grateful to the program that my landlord and I were able to come to clear, written rules so I know my rights and responsibilities.”

“I am very grateful to have this great resource available to me, and especially because I did not incur any expenses. I am on Social Security and I feel extremely fortunate that there is still help out there.”