Who are the mediators?

The LADRS mediators are:Senior couple meeting with agent

Professionally trained in effective communication and conflict resolution


Live in our community


Come diverse backgrounds

The LADRS mediators all subscribe to the principle that people, when empowered and guided, will best resolve their differences in a supportive, non-threatening environment.

Unlike an attorney, an arbitrator or a judge, the mediators remain neutral. They do not take sides, do not make recommendations, do not give advice of any kind (legal or financial), or offer their own opinions.

A mediators’ role is to ask questions and guide people through the steps in the mediation process by creating a structured forum and a safe environment where both parties can openly discuss their concerns or issues and come to a mutually agreeable resolution, if they themselves choose to do so.

The staff of the administrative office at Project Sentinel is professionally trained in communication and conflict resolution skills and also provides general information and counseling by telephone to residents and property owners about tenant/landlord and neighbor rights and responsibilities.